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The vulcanized rubber that processes as a thermoplastic

What is Santoprene®?

Santoprene is a thermoplastic rubber that offers:

  • Improved performance, longer life for dynamic rubber parts.
  • A unique material that offers greater precision than thermoset rubber or ordinary TPE's.
  • One high quality standard - worldwide.
  • Low part cost.

Santoprene is a unique material.

  • Santoprene is an advanced, crosslinked thermoplastic elastomer. It processes as a plastic, yet performs with the flexibility and durability of rubber. The unique combination of features found only in Santoprene provides advantages in both performance and cost. Now design goals can be achieved for flexible rubber parts that have never been possible.

Santoprene seals out dirt, weather, and leakage.

  • Because excellent resistance to compression set is built in, Santoprene parts can seal tight.


What are the benefits of Santoprene®?

Performance under hot or cold conditions

Santoprene parts offer a constant service temperature range from -81°F to +275°F(-60°F to +135°F) with no cracking or tackiness. Excellent heat aging combines with resistance to oil and grease for outstanding durability.

Durable enough for tough jobs

The performance features of Santoprene can add durability to flexible rubber parts. Santoprene offers excellent resistance to cut growth while flexing, high tear strength, and outstanding resistance to fatigue. Santoprene also offers good resistance to many acids, bases, and aqueous solutions. All of these factors contribute to improved performance and extra service life in a grueling range of tough jobs.

A broad range of flexibility

The flexibility of Santoprene ranges from supple, conformable 55 Shore A to tough, durable 50 Shore D. General purpose grades are suitable for most applications. FDA regulated and special grades are also available to meet many individual requirements.

Design colors to match

Specify the desired color from a wide spectrum of colors. Santoprene parts can be made in virtually any color.

Tighter part tolerances

Two to three times more precise than EPDM or polychloroprene rubber, Santoprene parts can be designed to typical tolerances of 0.005 inch/inch (%1). Desired dimensions can be achieved with Santoprene allowing their use in automated assembly. Parts can be designed with thick or thin walls.


Common applications of Santoprene®
  • Dynamic Seals
  • Weather Stripping
  • Skylight gaskets
  • Setting blocks
  • Spacers
  • Wedge gaskets
  • Motor Mounts



The vulcanized rubber that processes as a thermoplastic

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