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The Fred Werner Company is proud to represent one of the largest and oldest suppliers of fasteners to O.E.M.'s in the United States.

Narrowly viewed, fasteners are simply threaded devices to hold products together. But Merchants fasteners are much more. They are the result of decades of product innovation in the area of productivity enhancement, corrosion resistance and appearance improvement.

Applications Engineering is one of the things customers like most about Merchants. Need a special fastener? The Fred Werner Company has decades of experience and has solved most fastener assembly problems. Let them solve yours!

Fastening Vinyl and Plastic

vinylscrew.jpg (1444 bytes) VYN-L-HOLDTM SCREWS are specified by virtually every vinyl window manufacturer in the United States. If you are a vinyl window fabricator this fastener is a must for your operation.

Merchants has developed a broad range of fasteners with deep, widely-spaced threads designed to reduce boss cracking, material damage, and strip-out in fastening plastics, PVC, vinyl and other materials.

Designed for fast start and low torque drive, Vyn-L-Hold Screws have a 45 thread angle and a 10 trailing angle to cut more cleanly through the material and to provide more holding power and less strip-out in "soft" material.

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Fastening Metal & Wood

Sheet Metal Screws

sheetmetal.jpg (1937 bytes)

Used for fastening multi-layers of material, they form their own mating threads in pre-drilled holes. They are designed for quick entry in metal or wood.

Self-Piercing Screws

selfpiercing.jpg (1968 bytes)

Eliminates the need for pre-punched holes in thin metal less than .050 thick by having an extra sharp point.


Drywall Screws

drywall.jpg (1570 bytes)

For driving through dense wood such as chipboard and particle board and up to 25 gauge metal. Available with either fine or coarse threads depending upon applications.


Thread Cutting Screws

threadpierce.jpg (1784 bytes)

Eliminates need to tap a hole by having the screw form its own mating thread. Multiple styles- type F, 23, and 25 are designed for various materials and thicknesses.



Screws that drill their own holes


selfdrillscrew.jpg (3906 bytes)

These Self-Drilling Screws drill their own holes and then fasten through metal up to 3/8" thick. This radically reduces assembly costs by eliminating the need to pre-drill and align holes.


Merchants has the largest selection available of all types of labor-saving, self-drilling screws. They come in the following materials:
Stainless Steel 410

Combines the corrosion-resistant advantages of stainless with 410's magnetization for easy use and the highest tensile-yield strength available.

Stainless Multi-Metal   Exclusive to Merchants

Combines the maximum corrosion protection of 18-8 with the drilling power of hardened steel by welding a steel drill point to an 18-8 screw.

Assembled Sealing Washers

Our self-drilling screws are available with bonded sealing washers assembled to the screw to seal out water and air and maintain secure joints.

Stainless 18-8

Provides that extra margin of protection against rust and corrosion that only a totally non-ferrous fastener material can provide.

Steel Zinc-Plated

Represents the most economical material but should not be used when corrosion resistance is essential.

Self-Drilling Pop Rivets

Are you kidding? Nope!
Save hours of fabrication time and man power by utilizing our self-drilling pop rivets.





Head Styles


Merchants' fasteners come in a variety of head styles. These include standard heads like pan, truss, and hex washer where the head sits above the material, and countersunk heads like flat and oval which sit flush with the material.
Merchants also produces special head styles where clearance problems and design requirements necessitate undersized, oversized or undercut heads.

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Materials, Coatings & Plating

Steel Zinc Plated
  • Strong and Magnetic
  • Economical
  • Most subject to rust and corrosion

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Stainless 410
  • Magnetized & heat treated for easy use
  • Resistant to most types of corrosion
  • Highest strength fastener material

          stainless410.jpg (5824 bytes)


Crypton Coated

  • Significantly increases the rust-free life of steel screws
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance. Over 100 times better than commercial zinc plating

Stainless 18-8

  • Maximum corrosion protection
  • More difficult to use because of its non-magnetic and non-heat treatable properties
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Finish Color Used On Characteristics
Brass Plate Bright Yellow Steel and Stainless Decorated finish recommended for indoor use
Dichromate Yellow, colored or iridescent Cadmium and Zinc plated Steel A colored coating added to zinc or cadmium parts for added protection
Black Zinc Chromate Black
Zinc or Cadmium Plated Steel Added corrosion protection, outdoor decorative purposes
Painting Any Color All Metals Excellent applied coating finish for decoration. Limited corrosion protection
Zinc Plate Silver Grey All Metals Good corrosion resistance in environments not subject to excessive moisture

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