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Brass and Bronze Extrusions


Benefit From:

  • Quick replacements when someone under estimates the job or the material is damaged and needs to be replaced.
  • Design support to assist you in selecting the proper alloy for color match or ease of fabrication.
  • Cost reduction design assistance.
  • Quotes are available within 48 hours after receipt of drawings.
  • No minimum quantity to order.

Custom Extrusions

  • Profiles limited only by the ingenuity of the designer.
  • Any shape which fits within a 6 inch circle will be considered.


  • Rich , golden Architectural Bronze - C38500
  • Lustrous, silvery Nickel Steel - C77400.
    Excellent for complementing Stainless Steel sheet.
  • Bright brassy yellow Brass - C36000.
  • Strong, corrosion resistant Navel Brass - C48500.
  • Coppery, pink Reddmetal - C385RM

Special Color Alloys

  • Need an extrusion to match commercial bronze C22000 sheet? Choose the C385RM alloy .
  • Need an extrusion to complement stainless steel sheet? Choose alloy C77400 nickel steel.

Why Bronze/Brass?

  • Compatibility with other brass sheet and tubing alloys.
  • Visual appeal - synonymous with elegance and class.
  • Resistance to environmental and chemical corrosion.
  • Strength and durability.
  • Limitless design capabilities

Quality Control

  • Strict adherence to dimensional tolerances.
  • Visual, chemical, and X-Ray analysis during production.
  • Lot to lot uniformity of color for a better overall color match on large jobs.
  • Surface control of extrusions ensures a polishing quality finish.

 Humana Building, Louisville, KY
Humana Building, Louisville, KY

This avant-garde statement required a mill producer with expertise for the difficult and complex architectural extrusions used for windows, doors, frames, and moldings.

Architect: Michael Graves
Fabricator: Michaels Art Metals - Kentucky



State Capital, Harrisburg, PA
State Capital, Harrisburg, PA

PPG's complex proprietary aluminum window mullion system was produced for the first time in architectural bronze to provide a distinguished look for this center of government.

Architect: Celli, Flynn & Associates
Fabricator: PPG Industries, Inc. Lemoyne, PA



Bergdorf Building, New York, NY
Bergdorf Building, New York, NY

This classic design was captured using bronze window mullions, door frames, glass stops, and moldings.

Architect: Allan Greenberg
Fabricator: Michaels Art Metals - Kentucky

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